Sunday, May 16, 2010

For G

I am afraid

“I am afraid,” a friend said to me last week when I asked her to go for a mammogram. “It is better to be afraid now then to face consequences later,” I told her.

The truth is, many women are scared to go for a mammogram. It’s a simple test, like an X ray wherein any abnormalities can be detected early enough. But many women avoid it.

Why aren’t women afraid to meet school friends once a year? Why aren’t women afraid to have haircuts? Why aren’t women afraid to go on an annual vacation? Think of a yearly mammogram and a physical check as part of your routine, just as some of these activities. Mark a day, once a year, for all the women in your family. Go for a mammogram with your best friend. But don’t avoid it.

The proximity of the disease means I have to undergo mammograms and checks regularly.

It also means I will continuously tell all the women I know closely and those in my family to go for mammograms and check ups regularly.

Don’t let this disease take away any more of those we love. Don’t be afraid.